Power Apps

Updated 2018-02-04

The following programs mostly target power users and programmers. Recurring characteristics: FOSS, lightweight, fast, versionable configuration (plain text, non-XML), keyboard-driven, Unix design. Or simply an Emacs package.

3D graphics: Blender

Archivers: atool, bzip2, cabextract, cdrtools, cpio, gzip, lha, lrzip, lz4, lzop, p7zip, unace, unarj, unrar, unshield, unzip, upx, xz

Assembly: NASM, Yasm

Audio editors: Audacity

Binary file tools: chrpath, DHEX, Emacs (nhexl-mode), ltrace, nm, od, strace

Calculation: bc, calc, Emacs (calc, Lisp), Maxima, PARI/GP, Octave

Camera capture: Guvcview

Clipboard tools: xsel

Using Emacs everywhere, xsel is barely useful. I only use it to yank the filename of pictures from sxiv.

Contacts: Abook, Emacs (org-contacts)

Versioning your contacts is a great way to centralize them, instead of spreading them across your mail agent contacts, CSV files, etc. Plain text contacts also means it is easy to write a converter from a CSV file (e.g. using AWK).

Cryptography: ccrypt, encfs, GnuPG, pass, Pwgen

Dictionaries: aspell

Disk utilities: gparted, ncdu, parted, rmlint, shred, trash-cli, tree, udiskie, wipe

Document processing: groff, lilypond, Markdown, pdf2svg, Texinfo, TeX Live, txt2man

Document readers and tools: antiword, apvlv, catdvi, catdoc, docx2txt, Emacs (pdf-tools), evince, ghostscript, odt2txt, mcomix, poppler, pstotext, unrtf, wv, xchm, zathura

E-mail clients: Emacs (mu4e), Mutt

File browsers: Emacs (dired, Helm), ranger

File synchronization: hsync, rsync

Finders: Emacs (Helm, Ivy), fzf, tre

FTP clients: curlftpfs, Emacs (TRAMP), NcFTP

Emacs’ TRAMP allows you to work on remote files (move, delete, download) and edit them transparently: first they are automatically downloaded, then all edits are done locally within Emacs, and last the file is uploaded upon saving.

FTP servers: vsftpd

Gaming emulators: DGen, DOSBox, Gens/GS, Mupen64Plus, PCSX-Reloaded, MAME, Wine

Gaming tools: DriConf, TiMidity++, xosd

Music: Beets, clyrics, cmus, Demlo, Emacs (EMMS), mps-youtube

Network monitors: Aircrack-ng, ngrep, nmap, Tcpdump, Wireshark

News readers: Emacs (elfeed), Newsbeuter

Picture batch processors: dcraw, gifsicle GraphicsMagick, ImageMagick, optipng

Picture editors: darktable, GIMP, Hugin, Metapixel, RawTherapee

Picture viewers: feh, sxiv

Programming: cloc

Programming in C: cppcheck, GDB, mcpp, musl, Splint, TCC, Valgrind, Uncrustify

Screen capture: scrot

Session locks: slock, vlock, xlockmore, xss-lock

Shell: DASH, Emacs (Eshell), fish, shellcheck

Spreadsheet: Emacs (Org-mode)

System monitors: Emacs (proced, helm-top), htop, iftop, Iotop, lsof, NetHogs, PSmisc

Task management: Emacs (Org-mode), Taskwarrior

Text editors: Emacs

Why you should use Emacs.

Touch-typing: GNU Typist

Torrent clients: Transmission

Transcoding: cdparanoia, dvdbackup, FFmpeg, flac, Gaupol, id3v2, libvpx, MediaInfo, mkvtoolnix, opus, vorbis-tools, wavpack, x264

Vector graphics: Asymptote, Graphviz, Inkscape

Version control: git, Emacs (Magit)

Video: mpv, subdl

Virtual machine hypervisors: QEMU

Web browsers: Emacs (eww), qutebrowser, surfraw, w3m

Web tools: curl, Wget, youtube-dl

Window managers: Awesome, Emacs (EXWM), i3